Communication Is Life

One ability that has been given to us by God is Communication it is used in so many ways, through blogging, speaking and chatting, communication can change the fate of a person, It can also be the key to failure and success, the ability to communicate can be so powerful it can move hearts, change fate, give ideas and in finding the truth.

The ability to communicate can move hearts by saying the right words at the right time you can make a change, during communication you can give ideas, things that you want to share and you want them to know, communication can be used in finding the truth looking for clues and talking to people for information.

a person cannot live without communication, starting when we are in our mothers tummy wee kick to communicate, when we are still babies we cry to tell them what we want, and talk baby language that only babies know, when we are a little older we started to communicate with the people around us, talking to our mom and dad, to our sisters and brothers, and when we are old enough we go to school to learn to communicate more and have more friends to talk with, in school they teach you different things and different other ways to communicate, when you are a young adult you use communication to find jobs and earn money for your daily expenses, and in our job we communicate more with our co-workers, our boss and the people we see on the streets on the way to work.

You see communication is all around us when we are young to the point that were old communication is there, it is always there.


Communication And The Philippines

Communication helps the Philippines in so many ways.

First it helps in distributing the information that the Government wants their people to know, by means of press conference the Government can say what they want to our fellow country men, it keeps the interaction between the Government and the citizens alive, without communication Philippines would be in a disaster.

Communication really helps not only Philippines but also all the other countries, using communication we can interact with other country’s, we could either ask for help or propose an investment that helps in developing our country, It also helps in solving crimes and developing new jobs.

Communication is really the key component in development. it can help in our agricultural problems, they could find some information about whats wrong in the agricultural section and maybe find a way to solve it, and also in solving crime communication is the center component, during the interrogation of the suspect to the hearing of the crime that has been made. Communication is life, we cannot live without communication, our country cannot develop without communication.

In the past year we our Government is investigating about the pork barrel scam finding who is the master mind over the theft of billions of pesos that should be used in development, is now used by a selfish people, and those people are part of our Government itself, senators and congressmen getting money from a single person but not to help their country but to be used in their selfish deeds, in buying cars and properties that would help them satisfy their selfish acts. But now we knew who those persons are now with the right communication between the Government and the people we can solve all problems and be not afraid of the bad things that would come.

Mass Communication And GOD

God, he is the ultimate being the creator of all beings and the creator of all things, but how does Mass Communication affect God and those who believe and does not yet believe in him.

First, Television. Is a form of mass communication, television shows and sometimes create a fictional image of God and it cause Good and Bad effect in our society about God, Good because it sometimes shows the trust that people have in God, the deeds you can do with the guidance of God, and how God can change lives. but it also had some bad effects sometimes you can see them making fun of God, using Gods name for nonsense jokes and creating a image of him in such idiotic manner. You see God is eternal he should be respected so much. What would their viewer think of after they watch such programs as that, they would think that it is okay to make fun of God.

Second, Religions. Can be considered in mass communication they present their ideals in a group of peoples. And again it can cause both Bad and Good effect on God. Good effects are being able to teach Gods words and wisdom and also teaching their disciples how to praise God and pray to him. But some religions use God for their own selfish way, they steal their disciples money using the word of God, They distribute and sell The Holy Bible edited in the way that it would be a benefit to them and they use Gods word for Power using The Holy Bible to cover up the bad things they have done.

And Last. Social Media. Like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used by billions of people around the world and can be used to share words and teachings of God. But some people became so attached to it they became more like a social robot than a human being created by God, They forgot that there’s a God, they spend more time in social media than praying and praising God, they forgot to go to church and thank God for the blessings that he has given to us, they forgot to read the bible and instead read their friends status and love problems. But no matter what the situation is, the choice is always up to you. You can either choose the Bad side of things or Choose the other side that would replenish your soul.

Saving Lives Through Mass Media

This days you cant help but notice lives loss and endangered all around us, but what do you think is the way we all can help and we can all contribute? Yes you heard it right. We can save lives through mass media, but how do we save lives through mass media? first we have to figure out a little bit of information about mass media. Mass media is all types of technologies that are used to reach large amount of audiences by means of mass communication. you can use Television, Radio, Newspaper, Pamphlet, Blogging and even Facebook. Now how do we save lives through mass media? for example someone in your area is dying because of cancer or some virus or disease, what you can do is asked for help in Facebook or your Twitter account. I guess you would say some other people do it and some of them didn’t get any response from the people on the Facebook or Twitter but that’s the point of this article to encourage you to keep on sharing and sharing those poor peoples pictures and stories for other people to read. Some of them that has seen you shared videos or photos and stories can be inspired or maybe some of them could help the person and because of you he/she can help that person in need. by doing that you can save lives, yes you heard me right by only sharing these peoples stories, you can help them live a longer live, and just the way karma goes what you throw to others always come back at you.