Saving Lives Through Mass Media

This days you cant help but notice lives loss and endangered all around us, but what do you think is the way we all can help and we can all contribute? Yes you heard it right. We can save lives through mass media, but how do we save lives through mass media? first we have to figure out a little bit of information about mass media. Mass media is all types of technologies that are used to reach large amount of audiences by means of mass communication. you can use Television, Radio, Newspaper, Pamphlet, Blogging and even Facebook. Now how do we save lives through mass media? for example someone in your area is dying because of cancer or some virus or disease, what you can do is asked for help in Facebook or your Twitter account. I guess you would say some other people do it and some of them didn’t get any response from the people on the Facebook or Twitter but that’s the point of this article to encourage you to keep on sharing and sharing those poor peoples pictures and stories for other people to read. Some of them that has seen you shared videos or photos and stories can be inspired or maybe some of them could help the person and because of you he/she can help that person in need. by doing that you can save lives, yes you heard me right by only sharing these peoples stories, you can help them live a longer live, and just the way karma goes what you throw to others always come back at you.


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