Mass Communication And GOD

God, he is the ultimate being the creator of all beings and the creator of all things, but how does Mass Communication affect God and those who believe and does not yet believe in him.

First, Television. Is a form of mass communication, television shows and sometimes create a fictional image of God and it cause Good and Bad effect in our society about God, Good because it sometimes shows the trust that people have in God, the deeds you can do with the guidance of God, and how God can change lives. but it also had some bad effects sometimes you can see them making fun of God, using Gods name for nonsense jokes and creating a image of him in such idiotic manner. You see God is eternal he should be respected so much. What would their viewer think of after they watch such programs as that, they would think that it is okay to make fun of God.

Second, Religions. Can be considered in mass communication they present their ideals in a group of peoples. And again it can cause both Bad and Good effect on God. Good effects are being able to teach Gods words and wisdom and also teaching their disciples how to praise God and pray to him. But some religions use God for their own selfish way, they steal their disciples money using the word of God, They distribute and sell The Holy Bible edited in the way that it would be a benefit to them and they use Gods word for Power using The Holy Bible to cover up the bad things they have done.

And Last. Social Media. Like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used by billions of people around the world and can be used to share words and teachings of God. But some people became so attached to it they became more like a social robot than a human being created by God, They forgot that there’s a God, they spend more time in social media than praying and praising God, they forgot to go to church and thank God for the blessings that he has given to us, they forgot to read the bible and instead read their friends status and love problems. But no matter what the situation is, the choice is always up to you. You can either choose the Bad side of things or Choose the other side that would replenish your soul.


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