Communication And The Philippines

Communication helps the Philippines in so many ways.

First it helps in distributing the information that the Government wants their people to know, by means of press conference the Government can say what they want to our fellow country men, it keeps the interaction between the Government and the citizens alive, without communication Philippines would be in a disaster.

Communication really helps not only Philippines but also all the other countries, using communication we can interact with other country’s, we could either ask for help or propose an investment that helps in developing our country, It also helps in solving crimes and developing new jobs.

Communication is really the key component in development. it can help in our agricultural problems, they could find some information about whats wrong in the agricultural section and maybe find a way to solve it, and also in solving crime communication is the center component, during the interrogation of the suspect to the hearing of the crime that has been made. Communication is life, we cannot live without communication, our country cannot develop without communication.

In the past year we our Government is investigating about the pork barrel scam finding who is the master mind over the theft of billions of pesos that should be used in development, is now used by a selfish people, and those people are part of our Government itself, senators and congressmen getting money from a single person but not to help their country but to be used in their selfish deeds, in buying cars and properties that would help them satisfy their selfish acts. But now we knew who those persons are now with the right communication between the Government and the people we can solve all problems and be not afraid of the bad things that would come.


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