Communication Is Life

One ability that has been given to us by God is Communication it is used in so many ways, through blogging, speaking and chatting, communication can change the fate of a person, It can also be the key to failure and success, the ability to communicate can be so powerful it can move hearts, change fate, give ideas and in finding the truth.

The ability to communicate can move hearts by saying the right words at the right time you can make a change, during communication you can give ideas, things that you want to share and you want them to know, communication can be used in finding the truth looking for clues and talking to people for information.

a person cannot live without communication, starting when we are in our mothers tummy wee kick to communicate, when we are still babies we cry to tell them what we want, and talk baby language that only babies know, when we are a little older we started to communicate with the people around us, talking to our mom and dad, to our sisters and brothers, and when we are old enough we go to school to learn to communicate more and have more friends to talk with, in school they teach you different things and different other ways to communicate, when you are a young adult you use communication to find jobs and earn money for your daily expenses, and in our job we communicate more with our co-workers, our boss and the people we see on the streets on the way to work.

You see communication is all around us when we are young to the point that were old communication is there, it is always there.


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